Zaferan is a dietary supplement based on turmeric that promotes liver and gall bladder health. Turmeric is remotely related to ginger. No wonder that the people of India, China, Ceylon and Java call it a “yellow ginger”. Curcumin is the active ingredient that determines the color and a subtle ginger flavor of this spice.

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Zaferan – Curcuma longa or curcumin is the primary active ingredient of this supplement. However, it is made from turmeric. Natives of the Far East Asian regions such as Java, India and China call it the “yellow ginger” due to its fantastic effect on one’s health. This dietary supplement is oriented towards the liver, improving its condition and also contributes to the well-being of your gall bladder, prevents it from stagnating and also reduces cholesterol levels.

For nearly thousands of years, the people of the previously mentioned Asia’s regions have utilised and applied the turmeric in various rituals, healing processes and cuisine. Due to the presence of curcumin, this spice has a distinguishable yellow tone and a mild spicy taste. Hiding behind these exclusive looks and tastes are no less unique and health benefiting qualities.

Whereas many people do not even bother with bettering the condition of their liver or gall bladder, it comes back to bite them later in life. Both of these organs have to deal with a tremendous amount of workload on a daily basis. Moreover, while people tend to look after their heart and drink pills, care for their lungs and use inhalers or tend to their eyes by using glasses, livers are exempted and left to deal with issues, alone.

This is not right, and we highly recommend using Zaferan for everyone who is concerned with the well-being of their liver!

Zaferan – Health Benefits

  • Suppresses present inflammation in the liver or gall bladder area and prevents future cases of it
  • Helps lessen high LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your blood, subsequently boosting metabolism and cardiovascular health
  • This particular supplement is equipped with the extract of turmeric, which is combined with phosphatidylcholine. That means a significant increase of curcumin ingestion if you compare it against regular turmeric extract
  • Since it is a potent antioxidant, it protects your nerve cell membranes and stops the development of nervous system illness
  • Has a specific formula that maximises the health benefits of turmeric

The primary ingredient or Curcuma longa is the most biologically active type of turmeric, rich in flavonoids and curcumin. The latter is essential and beneficial to your liver and its operation. Also, turmeric is known to encourage bile excretion and improve cholesterol dissolution.

What is more, the dietary supplement Zaferan can also positively influence your metabolism and food synthesis as well as protein ingestion.

If you have a closer look at its composition, the product is primary only Curcuma extract. There are other ingredients as well, but they are principally adjusted and selected to strengthen the incredible benefits of turmeric.

Consumption advice

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosages
  • Keep away from children

One capsule per day, during a meal.

Attention: this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug or medicine designed to fight particular disorders. Before consuming, contact your family doctor or pharmacist.

Contains: 60 caps

Manufactured in: United States

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