OpiStop is an exclusive and effective plant-based formula that protects the body from the dangers of parasitic disease caused by Siberian liver fluke or Southeast Asian liver fluke. This unique formula has triple-action properties (antiparasitic, increasing bile in the liver, and an emollient) which fight parasites without disrupting the normal function of the digestive system.

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OpiStop – Once your body gets infected with parasites, it becomes challenging to flush them out. Parasites have a really ugly tendency to root inside and the longer they stay, the harder it becomes to beat them. Besides, parasites do not just damage a single part of your organism; they can cripple your entire body, starting from the lungs, ending with the intestines.

OpiStop is composed of such ingredients like the Long Pepper fruit extract, Rose hips fruit extract, Aspen bark extract, Yarrow flower extract, Tansy flower extract and a lot more. All of these work to the benefit of your digestive tract combats parasitic life forms and reduces inflammation caused by the parasites.

OpiStop promotes the proper functioning of your gastrointestinal tract. It does that by combining the natural properties of its main compositional plants. By aiding your metabolism, this supplement creates a medium in which parasites simply cannot exist. The conditions for them become unbearable, and they simply die out.

Since no toxins are left sticking around, parasites are forced to struggle. Once they are weakened, your body can cope pretty well and remove them altogether. This particular product has a unique antiparasitic, bile increasing and emollient triple-action property. Use it to make parasites a thing of the past!

OpiStop Health Benefits

OpiStop should help by cleansing your organism and remove dangerous parasites that harm you from within. Its composition, comprised out of all-natural plants and organic materials, is anti-toxic and useful to the immune system. Moreover, people who consume this product see a drastic increase in their immune system response to threats, in such way boosting their overall immunity to various diseases and dangers.

This product:

Contains high levels of
– Rose hips – rich with Vitamin C, can optimise the gastrointestinal tract and positively boost your metabolism.
– Long pepper – good for the liver, weight loss, can help with diabetes, stimulates digestion for a more fluent parasite eradication.
– Yarrow – has restoration qualities which allow your gastrointestinal tract to recuperate after it gets put under stress or intense detoxification.
– Licorice – known around the world as a natural solution to many gastrointestinal issues. Helps with food poisoning, stomach ulcers and other related problems. Licorice is potent with glycyrrhizic acid, which has qualities that strengthen your immune system and prevents inflammation.
– Other anti-parasitic ingredients, such as Aspen and Tansy.

  • Any glut of toxic waste, liquids or related material gets flushed out.
  • Stimulates bile excretion, boosts the condition of the liver, gall bladder.
  • Most effective against liver fluke (a polyphyletic group of parasites that can move within your cardiovascular system).
  • This particular product is very well-received by experts and users alike because it works in the background, meaning that the normal bodily functions are not disrupted or damaged in any way, shape or form.
  • Is best when used as a precautionary measure but is also effective against already present parasites.

Consumption advice

Do not exceed the recommended dosages
Keep away from children
Two capsules, two times per day, with meals.

Attention: this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug or medicine designed to fight particular disorders. Before consuming, contact your family doctor or pharmacist.

Contains: 100 capsules

Manufactured in: United States

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