Garlic Extract

Garlic Extract

Garlic – Probably first since it was started to cultivate, garlic has been considered a natural source of health and has even been surrounded by myths. The mighty Count Dracula, the world’s most powerful vampire, was thought to have trembled against the scent of garlic. However, in the real world, garlic is no less close to magic and boosts your immune system tremendously.

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Most importantly, the garlic strengthens your immune response. So, when your organism is attacked by various evils, it has a lot more strength and tools to deal with microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites.

The main component is garlic oil, which has anthelmintic, antifungal, antimicrobial and a lot of other effects, beneficial for your organism. Coral Club’s Garlic Extract capsules are very proficient preventive measures which boost your immune system. Rich in copper, magnesium, calcium, selenium and other minerals, this product will help things like cold pass quicker.

Garlic also protects your organism from a lot of harmful particles, amongst which are toxins, free radicals, heavy metals and others. Most importantly, it does that without any chemical-induced additives, this nutritional supplement only utilises the natural capabilities of garlic.

Worth mentioning – digestion betterment, hypertension aversion, sclerosis prevention. So, all in all, this product combines both practical and short-term boosts with long-term sustainable added value to your immune system.

Garlic Health Benefits

It would be quite tricky to shortlist all of the health benefits of Coral Club’s Garlic Extract. However, since garlic is regarded as one of the most well-rounded and versatile products to better your immune system, we can round out these benefits into several categories.

  • More rapid and stronger immune response to threats and dangers
  • Has an anti-parasitic effect and stimulates your gastrointestinal tract
  • Works as a robust antioxidating supplement as well as betters your blood cholesterol levels
  • Thanks to its effectiveness against the common cold, garlic is used for prophylactic flu treatment
  • The supplement is not harmful to the microflora in your intestines
  • Improves digestion as well as reduces rotting and decomposing processes in your organs

All of these benefits can be attributed to the composition and what dwells inside of the ingredients. There you can find a lot of vitamin C, which is great for repairing ailing or damaged body tissues and the overall immune system. Vitamin D for calcium, phosphorus and other element level regulation which is crucial for a healthy skeletal system. Last but not least, out of the vitamin lot, vitamin B – necessary for your skin and helps dissolve fats, proteins as well as carbohydrates.

In terms of minerals, we can find the previously mentioned calcium – essential for your bones, magnesium which is inseparable from your heart’s well-being, iron for overall immune system betterment and increasing your energy levels.

Consumption advice

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosages
  • Keep away from children

One capsule, three times per day, during meals.

Attention: this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug or medicine designed to fight or prevent particular disorders, treat diseases. Before consuming, contact your family doctor or pharmacist.

Contains: 90 capsules
Manufactured in: United States

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