Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber Acai – Blueberry

Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber Acai – Blueberry

The product helps to maintain a healthy micro-flora balance in the intestine. It helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Helps to control weight.

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Most of the nutritional supplements meant to better digestive health, have one thing in common. That is a horrible taste. Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber Acai & Blueberry changes the game in that regard because it is not only tremendously useful to your digestive system but also, as the name would suggest – delicious.

Besides stabilising almost every process about your metabolism and digestion, this product has a hugely beneficial composition with lots of soluble and non-soluble fibres as well as glutamine, Aloe vera, plums and many more. The combination of chemically and biologically active natural materials (mostly, herbal) makes this powder a very potent product when trying to:

  • Lose weight or control it
  • Better the cholesterol levels in your blood
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Retain the best possible microflora in your intestines

and much more.

The powder and its content focus on two primary objectives. First of which is helping your body detoxify, prevent or reduce already present inflammation and restore the proper microflora. In the second phase, nutrients and other components allow your body to lower blood cholesterol levels, improve the immune system and recharges your whole body with energy.

Use Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber Acai & Blueberry to stop yourself from overeating and normalise metabolism as well as helping your body absorb more vitamins and nutrients.

Hi-Fiber – Health Benefits

As a nutritional supplement, this product has many and very unique qualities that separate it from the lot. One of the most effective products from Coral Club, Daily Delicious Hi-Fiber Acai & Blueberry, is oriented towards your gastrointestinal tract. However, it does much more than just better the digestive processes.

  • An abundance of glutamine (a type of amino acid, highly beneficial) is irreplaceable in protein metabolism. Due to its involvement in the digestive processes, your body can heal faster after injuries, sickness or trauma. Glutamine is highly important after the intestinal mucosa is damaged.
  • Aloe vera, plums and Acai Berries all have their natural properties
    • Aloe vera – prevents inflammation, can also be linked to improved digestive processes, better absorption of nutrients
    • Plums – apart from positively stimulating digestion they also help control the levels of cholesterol
    • Acai berries – strong antioxidant properties, cell protection, improves cardiovascular aspects of your body
  • All sorts of soluble and non-soluble fibres travel to your digestive tract. From there they make sort of a sponge-jelly like matter which absorbs toxins, waste and all other leftovers that could cause harm. They do it without damaging the microflora, bowel movements, intestine walls etc.


Apple fiber, Inulin, Guar gum, Gum arabic, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Rice bran, L-glutamine 200 mg, Plum fruit powder, Glucomannan, Pinapple fruit powder, Blueberry fruit powder, Acai berry extract, Apple pectin, Aloe Vera gel 30 mg; other ingredien

Consumption advice

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosages
  • Keep away from children


Mix one leveled measuring spoon (9 g) of powder with 5 fl. oz. (150 ml) of water. Drink immediately. An additional glass of water is helpful. Consume up to 2 servings per day.

Attention: this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug or medicine designed to fight particular disorders. Before consuming, contact your family doctor or pharmacist.

Contains: 270 g powder (30 sachets 9 g each)

Manufactured in: Germany

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