Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada

“Cascara Sagrada” is a natural product designed specifically to normalize digestive tract function. It improves digestion and keeps you regular. It helps reduce inflammatory processes in the intestinal tract and promotes the removal of toxins.

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Cascara Sagrada – It might take a few hours to feel the effect of this supplement, but these effects are powerful. Cascara Sagrada is a shrub, which has a lot of nutritional and health, improving beneficial materials dwelling inside. People have found, that the dried bark of this shrub can be consumed to improve the overall immune system, boost your digestion and do a lot more better.

In folk and traditional medicine, cascara sagrada plant extracts were used as a form of laxative, to treat mild and severe constipation. Mainly, the bark of this shrub contains chemically active materials which help with bowel movement and encourage the proper activity of your gastrointestinal tract.

More evidence is needed to prove it, but there is a strong link between reduced risks of cancer, liver malfunction and sickness as well as gall-stones and the consumption of Cascara Sagrada. The laxative elements become effective somewhere between 7-10 hours after consuming it.

This is the primary reason why experts and doctors recommend taking it before you go to sleep. Such a period is required because the tablet has to reach the large intestine. Only there it starts to reduce into emodin. The latter is very powerful when stimulating stool movement.

Cascara Sagrada Health Benefits

People who are struggling with constipation regularly or have inflammation in their gut, using Cascara Sagrada is advised. The laxative effect not only relieves your body of constipation-related pains and issues but also flushes out many toxins, eases the stress your body has to go through.

Inside one tablet, you can find a large number of essential oils, which are used for anaesthetic, disinfecting and related purposes. The primary goal of essential oils is to slow down and weaken bacteria, which allows other elements to cope with toxins at a much more manageable rate.

The most important and obvious benefits of this dietary supplement are:

  • Stimulated and improved bowel movements to treat constipation
  • Thanks to the laxative effect, the body expels toxins a lot easier
  • Overall digestive tract condition betters
  • Any pain you might feel in your gut and inflammation that you suffer from will be suppressed, if not eliminated. You can attribute the minimised inflammation to the abundant of tannins, present in buckthorn.

These features are critical to people who have harmful addictions or consume a lot of alcohol, junk food, cigarettes. Unlike some other laxative-like products, this supplement does not take a toll on your gut and leaves them unharmed and not irritated.

Instead of focusing solely on a single piece of your body or a particular cell, Cascara Sagrada affects your entire gut for the better.

Consumption advice

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosages
  • Do not take longer than recommended
  • Keep away from children

One tablet in the evening, during meals. Take for 2-3 weeks.

Attention: this product is a dietary supplement, not a drug or medicine designed to fight or prevent particular disorders, treat diseases. Before consuming, contact your family doctor or pharmacist.

Contains: 100 tablets
Manufactured in: United States

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