We seek to deliver Coral Club products to your doorstep in the most convenient ways possible. To ensure this, we have partnered with various shipping and delivery companies which handle and carry out shipments not only in your country but also all over the world. They are reputable partners which we trust with your well-being and hope you will be happy with their service.

The delivery is available via DPD and DHL. Both companies have global recognition as leaders in their respective field and provide excellent door-to-door or drop-off delivery service. After going through with the payment and depending on your shipping method of choice, shipping times will vary.

  • DPD deliveries take 1 to 4 days after the order is picked up from the supplier
  • DHL Express deliveries take 1 day after the order is picked up from the supplier

Both companies offer a useful feature, called online postage tracking. If you are not familiar with it, shipment tracking online allows seeing where your shipment is at any given time and what stage of shipping it is currently at, what steps it passed etc. This helps better plan for the delivery, not worry about the order and wonder whether its lost or something happened to it and be in full control of the situation. Tracking the shipment is very simple. You simply need to take your shipment number and enter it into the respective site of the shipping service provider. For Coral Club production, use these links:

  • DHL Express tracking can be found here
  • DPD postage tracking is available here

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with questions or enquiries. However, please understand that after handing in the shipment to the courier and shipping company, we cannot answer for any one-sided changes that might happen during the delivery process. To get more in-depth answers to questions, contact the respective service provider.